Welcome to A DIFFERENT WORLD OF CHESS! We are located in the heart of downtown Buffalo. A DIFFERENT WORLD OF CHESS SHOP 661 Main Street Buffalo, NY 14202


Buffalo's very own chess shop is a place to play chess or learn how to. National masters to beginners, seniors to kindergartners, teachers, students, engineers, attorneys, children, men, women, and even international visitors play there!

International visitors from:

- Canada

- Germany

- Russia

- Berlin

- Australia

- Switzerland

- Puerto Rico

- Mexico

- Brazil

- South Africa

- Central America

- India

The ONLY chess parlor in the second-largest city in New York state where you can play pickup chess games for $5 per person, $3 for students, $2 for senior citizens and Children always Play Free!!

A Different World of Chess Shop offers a growing selection of books, chess sets, boards, clocks, accessories and more!

We also offer everything from:

- Open-play

- Unrated/rated tournaments

- Personal and group lessons

- Chess-themed birthday parties

- Afterschool programs

- Summer camps

- Chess events and activities

- Game nights

- And more!

A Different World of Chess Shop is open six days a week:

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 5pm-10pm

Wednesday: 5pm-10pm

Thursday: 5pm-10pm

Friday: 5pm-10pm

Saturday: 12pm-10pm

Sunday: 12pm-5pm (reserved for appointments and events only)

If there are enough players to stay open after ten o'clock the place stays open sometimes until midnight (Friday and Saturday only). Tables and chess equipment are provided to players. For the shopper there is a growing variety of chess sets, clocks, and boards to choose from in all colors, materials and prices ranges.

Recurring events include:

- Friday: Blitz tournament (5+0 minutes) with a cash prize for the winner starts at 6pm. $10 entry.

- Saturday: G-30 tournament (30+5 classical) with notation assistance if needed and a free game analysis by a chess National master or chess expert. Starts at 3pm and ends at 7pm. $15 entry. Feel free to come earlier to get warmed up.

- Saturday Game Knight: There are a wide range of games to choose from which include everything from Giant Uno, Giant Chess, Giant Jenga, Giant Dominoes, Giant Playing Cards, Regular Playing Cards, Regular Dominoes, Connect 4 Cornhole, Putter ball, Root Beer Pong, a Pool Table, and more! Starts at 8pm and ends at 11pm. $10 entry. All ages welcomed!

Don't forget to ask about special family events and activities!

Family activities include:

- Story time chess readings with fun mini games for ages 3 and up!

- Bishop Bingo

- Family Game Day

- Sketch N' Chess

- Paint N' Pawns

- And More!

Special prices for schools and clubs. Plus group discounts!

Join my chess club on chess.com Club name: A Different World of Chess Club.